Our Services

We are specialized in designing and production of Automotive wiring harness and assemblies for Two, Three and Four wheelers - Head Light, Rear Combi Wiring Harness - Head Light Plug Assembly for Two, Three and Four Wheelers - Switch Assembly for Two, Three and Four Wheelers - Room Lamp Assembly for Four Wheelers; - Battery Cables Assembly for Three and Four Wheelers; - LCV Full Lamp Assy, - Lamp Aluminizing - Plastic components - Press Components - PCB Board Wiring Assy

We take great pleasure in greeting you into our world of 3 S - Striving, Standards and Success, i.e., Threyes Srinisons. Threyes is ISO/TS-16949 - 2002 compliant organisation. We are committed to produce high quality components with zero-defects to meet the performance specifications of our customers.

We are also certified ISO 14001:2004 for Environment Management system and possess SQ Mark certificate from Hyundai Motors